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Science is Everywhere!


Science is Everywhere

To some parents, science can be an intimidating subject and the mere thought of helping their children in this area is nothing short of frightening.  In truth, parents can give children an opportunity to exercise their natural curiosity; to discuss, experiment, to see how and why things work.  Such opportunities exist…


  • let your child practice measurement by assisting you when cooking
  • research the ways in which various appliances work
  • list all the wheels found in your home
  • encourage your children to ask questions of the doctor, dentist, and other health professionals
  • identify sources of energy in your home - discuss how energy can be conserved
  • set up simple experiments that you can do jointly in the kitchen
  • watch videos related to science topics
  • discuss the natural resources in the area you live and what is being done to preserve them
  • recycle can, plastic bottles, and paper or compost


  • study plants
  • identify animal tracks
  • observe seasonal changes
  • study cloud formations
  • plant a garden
  • construct a bird feeder
  • keep a record of the number of different birds you can spot
  • draw a map which identifies the location and classification of trees on your block
  • have a neighborhood “clean up” day


  • observe wildlife at a zoo
  • find examples of simple tools (wheels, pulleys, ramps, levers) at a hardware store
  • visit a museum, nature center, park, wildlife refuge, natural history museum, bike trail

Remember, you don’t need special tools or equipment to introduce science to your child.  All you need is an observant and inquiring mind.